Doubts about the pin sequence of the connectors

Doubts about the pin sequence of the connectors.

Good morning everyone, I’m new to the community.
I need a little help.
In the past I have always found 64x64 panels on AliExpress with the following sequence for the connector:

R1 - G1
B1 - GND
R2 - G2
B2 - E
A - B
C - D <—

But in this period it seems that they have completely disappeared.

They are found only with this sequence:

R1 - G1
B1 - GND
R2 - G2
B2 - E
A - B
C - GND <— different

and with SMD 2121.

In my projects I am mainly using a Teensy 4.1 with SmartLED shield (V5).

I don’t know the library in depth so I wouldn’t know if using this type of panel could cause damage.
I usually connect them up to 4 or more.

Possibly, if it is not correct to use that type of panels, can someone show me the link to a (cheap) supplier with the correct sequence?

Can you assure me that they will work well?
Thanks in advance for your attention.

The silkscreen about the connector can be incorrect. What is the parameters of the panel - width x height and scan factor?

P3 Indoor Full Color LED Module - DC5V - HUB75
Drive mode 1/32 scan constant current

It’s true, I have often read about this problem of incorrect printing.
But I wouldn’t want to make a wrong purchase and perhaps ask later how to resolve the problem.
Dialogue with suppliers is not always easy and, in my opinion, these below-cost sales are often the result of recoveries of used materials.
I have had panels ruined by salt spray.

I took a quick look at the library, but I didn’t understand what functions the connections A - B - C - D - E have.
Sorry, but I’m not very expert.

However, I await further confirmation on this doubt.
Thank you

The typical 1/32 panel must have a ful set of ABCDE pins to work properly.
But there is another option - the panel could has a i.e. shift_register multiplexor - in that case only A B & C pins will be enough to control of the panel of any size.

Could you ask from the seller the names of the drivers installed on the panel?
This is especially important because now more and more panels are appearing with drivers that are not supported by most libraries - if you buy such a panel, you will not be able to use it.

Ok I’ll try to ask. Thanks again.

This was his response:

- Friend, I don’t understand what you mean! -

As I expected they are just resellers with no skills.