ESP32 compilation error

Hi I’m trying the smartmatrix libraries but I always get this error:
C:\Users\House\Documents\Arduino\libraries\SmartMatrix3\src/SmartMatrix_Impl.h:26:24: fatal error: DMAChannel.h: No such file or directory

forwarding with arduino using esp32 dev module in the examples I find it as incompatible …
Where am I doing wrong?

Hello Louis,

i used the teensylc branch with MultiRowRefreshMapping.ino as you descripted above.
Looks like:
#include <SmartMatrix3.h>

  • #include “SmartMatrix_Impl.h”
    • #include “DMAChannel.h” (this h-file is tennsy specific, isn’t it?)
      and get the same compile error: DMAChannel.h: No such file or directory
      There is no ESP32 specific strapping for the includes.
      Many thanks for another help,

Pretty sure you have the main SmartMatrix Library and not “teensylc”, check the directory that’s being included when you compile

Hello Louis,

i used the Hub75 branch, this workes fine! Also on master there is no ESP32 solution available (as far as i could see).
I have the ESP_V0 Shield and this works pretty stable.
Many thanks for your good work, i wished i could program as good as you…
What do you think about an ESP32 branch or merge all changes back to master?
This would make it easier for newbies…

he’s working on it, but for now you do need to use the teensylc branch