ESP32 HUB75 Shield Available on Tindie

This is not a Pixelmatix product, I just found this while browsing LED matrix stuff on Google Images:

This would be handy for anyone that wants to use the (alpha-quality) SmartMatrix Library ESP32 port, and doesn’t want to wire up all the wires or make a custom PCB. Keep in mind that this kit has no level shifters, so it will be driving the panel with 3.3V signals not 5V signals, and not all panels will work at 3.3V. There’s also an assembled version

This PCB was designed for use in a cool project too:

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Thanks for the shoutout, Louis! Sorry I’ve thus far been to lazy to sign up for your forums here. Hi everyone!

Again I want to express my thanks for your ESP32 port! Even if it’s not totally finished, it’s good enough in my mind!

The PCB I designed is very basic - my first design ever! I learned quite a lot already, and had lots of fun designing it! I wish I did a better search before starting… I would have found your PCB documents in the ESP32 branch sources! :sweat_smile: