Esp32 whit 64x64 led matrix


After watching some video i wanted to try using a led matrix to diplay some funy picture.
I started by following the instruction to connecte the led matrix to the esp32 and after removing the “//” in the exemple code FeatureDemo i launch it and the result i get is the picture below

I verify and reverify that the connection between the esp and the led matrix was ok but i can’t find any issue.
For the connection between the led matrix and the esp32 i just use wire for now since i want to test and the configuration that i use is the one provided in the MatrixHardware_ESP32_V0.h file and its the one for (GPIOPINOUT == ESP32_FORUM_PINOUT)

1	R0	2	Red Data (columns 1-16)
2	G0	15	Green Data (columns 1-16)

3	B0	4	Blue Data (columns 1-16)
4	GND	GND	Ground

5	R1	16/RX2	Red Data (columns 17-32)
6	G1	27	Green Data (columns 17-32)

7	B1	17/TX2	Blue Data (columns 17-32)
8	E	12	Demux Input E for 64x64 panels

9	A	5	Demux Input A0
10	B	18	Demux Input A1

11	C	19	Demux Input A2
12	D	21	Demux Input E1, E3 (32x32 panels only)

13	CLK	22	LED Drivers' Clock
14	STB	26	LED Drivers' Latch

15	OE	25	LED Drivers' Output Enable
16	GND	GND	Ground

Hi, you need to configure the sketch for the panel type you have. There should be more instructions in the wiki on GitHub

It looks like you have the sketch configured for the default 32x32/16 panel instead of the likely 64x64/32 panel you have

Hello thanks for the rapid respond, by configuring the sketch do you mean uncomment the line that corespond to the ESP32 or do i have to add sometjing more ?

Perfect thank ,so much i was missing the line:
const uint8_t kPanelType = SM_PANELTYPE_HUB75_64ROW_MOD32SCAN;

Have a good day