Freshly mapped 16x16 Mod4 panel now to dimm (Solved)

I saved 9 P10-16x16 1/4 from the trash and wanted to try and drive them with my ESP32.
I hooked one up and after running the demo sketch i noticed that it wasnt displaying correctly, the Text and Colors where all over the place.

I followed the Multirow -Toturial and created a Panelmap for my kind of Panel. After running the Demosketch with this setup it work rly good, every Pixel got displayed where it was sopposed to be and in the right color but very very Dimm. Like 1/10 the brightness it should be.

Here is a link to the edited Libary, i only changed MatrixPanelMaps.ccp and MatrixCommonHub75.h according to the toturial:

I already set the RefreshDepth and Brightness to Max.
Hope someone can help.

You have a 16x16 panel, and if it’s MOD4, your panel map should only have indices from 0-31. (16x16 / 2 (parallel RGB channels / 4 (MOD4) = 32) Your map goes from 0-127, so something’s off

Yeah my fault, i recorded all the colored Pixels, not only the first red 32.
It works now, thank you very much.