Future plans for SMLayerIndexed?

Is the intent of SMLayerIndexed to be a 2/4/8 bit layer with an associated color table and it just isn’t finished at this point, or is it only supposed to be a non-scrolling single colored bitmap layer?

Louis would need to comment on any future plans, but it’s currently used as a single color bitmap/text layer in Aurora for overlays such as brightness, play/pause mode, etc. It’s handy for displaying information, without bothering to stop/hide the scrolling text layer.

I tried to create the SMLayerIndexed class to be able to support up to 8-bit indexed color, but I have no idea when there will be support for more than 1-bit color.

In SmartMatrix 2.x there was an option to draw to the scrolling text layer, but scrolling text interfered with the drawing, so in SmartMatrix 3.0 I moved drawing to its own separate class. Calling the layer “indexed” instead of “mono” and making the API hopefully expandable to more than 1-bit color was an attempt to avoid another major API overhaul in the future.

I took an initial pass at this over the weekend.

Great! I’m focusing on some documentation for SmartMatrix at the moment, but will look this over when I pick code back up for a 3.1 release.