Gif playback error returns


Im using your gif example and the below to determine when the current GIF has ended so i know to start another one which works fine.

if(decodeFrame() == ERROR_DONE_PARSING) { }

What i want to also know is when im calling a specific GIF file thats not there, so i thought using the below would work but it seems it doesnt
if(decodeFrame() == ERROR_FILEOPEN ) { }

What can i look for when i call a GIF file name thats not on the SD card ? so i can stop calling that GIF and decide on another one…


I’m traveling without a laptop so i can’t easily give you a more specific answer, but you should detect this when opening the file, and not when trying to parse a non-existent file. I think or whatever the function is called will return an error code

Right you are Louis’
i used SD.exists to see if the file is there…
Thanks for the tip