GIF player from sd card


I am looking for someone who will do code work for me for a fee

it must run on a teensy


teensy 3.5 or 3.6

smartLED shiels v4

P3 192 * 96 indoor LED module

If anyone wants help then I am ready with more info for you

I pay for you to create the code file which I can then code myself on my devices

it only needs some things but I can send you more info if you want to hear more about it

so write to me

You’ll probably need to post more details of what you to see if someone is interested

I have it here as I do not have the code file for longer

it plays a gif file which is on sd short marks 1 to 9
which one selects via a remote control

probably easy to do for someone who is into how to I can not even therefore I hope for help with payment for it

P3 192 * 96 indoor LED module

This is probably too large of a display for SmartMatrix Library to handle.

You might want to look at this project for the Raspberry Pi, which can drive several chains of LED panels in parallel and can support large displays like this:


i have a test video you can see

i can work

I seemed to remember that teensy 3.6 had enough RAM to do this, but that the refresh rate would suffer (except teensy v4).
I’m surprised that your refresh rate seems pretty good, but I guess that’s good news.