Grains of Sand and Morphing Clock added

Hello Community,

i added above Features to the library.
Pls see the video.

@Louis: How should i add my changes to the repo?
I also redesigned the pcb to attach an acceleration sensor.

Andreas from Mainz

Hi Andreas,

Nice additions! This year I’ve also been working on adding support for large fonts:

If you have your code up on GitHub, you can send a link to it, so I can see your changes and see if it’s something I want to include in SmartMatrix Library. The new Adafruit_GFX layers already include a scaling option for their basic font, and large font options that don’t require scaling, so I’m not sure that a new scaling feature for the old graphics code will be that useful after SmartMatrix Library 4.0 is released. Thank you for sharing though!

added github repo :

but changes from library/smartmatrix/backgroundlayer*.h are not in the correct folder…
due to weak git knowledge…
My font extensions are only very small just to get to big letters in the middle of the display.
All function extensions are done by higher amount of parameter for existing methods or new methods.
(I’m not a native C++ coder ;-( )
Pls leave a comment what you think about the extensions.

BR Andreas

Thanks for sharing your code Andreas. I took just a brief look at the additions you made to backgroundlayer, and I believe you could keep those changes in your own sketch, without needing to modify SmartMatrix Library, and then they might work with the latest version of SmartMatrix Library and possibly with the new GFX layers. If the changes were just in your sketch, it would also make it easier for others who want to reuse your code.