Header file smartmatrix.h


Im a newby. Can someone tell me where to find the smartmatrix.h header file? Or can someone give me an example of this header file.


There isn’t a file with that exact name. This is the closest:

What are you trying to do?

Hi, thanks for the reply. Im trying to run some of the example sketches to drive a 16x16 neopixel matrix. But in the examples a file smartmatrix.h is included in the code. I found online this file dictates witch sort of matrix is used. But i cant find any examples online

I’m trying use a fastled example using the smartmatrix library, so not an example of the smartmatrix library itself. Im posting this from my phone, when i can get to my pc i will post the full example.

This is what i have found online here “http://docs.pixelmatix.com/SmartMatrix/library.html”:

This header holds the SmartMatrix class definition, and various structs and enums needed for the user to interact with the SmartMatrix library.
The hardware-specific MatrixHardware_*.h file is included here. To select a different hardware configuration for the library, change the #include "MatrixHardware_*.h to the file that describes your hardware.

But i cant find any example or discription of what exactly goes into the file or where to find it.

SmartMatrix Library isn’t compatible with Neopixels, you should use another library to drive them. Try getting an example from the FastLED library working with your Neopixels, and then modifying that working example to do what you want.

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Ok, thank you very much. I found an other matrix library that does support neopixels: neomatrix library.

Thanks for your help

there are two, the adafruit one, and the fastled one.
You probably want the fastled one if you want your code to be supported on other hardware later: