Help needed with powering LED Matrix

Hi, just wanted to apologize immediately because I am a total novice at this sort of thing.
Anyways, I’m working on creating an LED graduation cal, but and I’ve come to a stop as I have no idea how to hook up power to my SmartLED Shield V4, Teensy 3.6, and LED Matrix.

I know this is the power cable, and I was planning on attaching it to a barrel jack screw terminal, but I’m not sure how to go about this, and later attach it to my SmartLED and LED matrix. If I left any information out that is needed to help me I can provide it, and any assistance is helpful.

Hi, did you see the instructions here:

Please let me know if the instructions are unclear, or if it wasn’t obvious where to look for them so I can try to make it clearer. And let me know if you still have questions getting your project up and running.

Thank you, this solved my powering issues and I feel like an idiot for not finding it before.

Not a problem, I’m happy to help