Help pinout ESP32

Is there a fundamental difference what pins are used in esp32 for the library? Can I use any Pins other than SPI? The SPI is occupied by the W5500 Ethernet module.

You can use any GPIO pin that’s capable of being an output, the ESP32 is very flexible

After changing the pinout, the MultipleTextLayersGfx.ino example stopped running correctly. However, the FeatureDemo.ino example works just fine. What could be the problem?
My pinout example:

#define R1_PIN GPIO_NUM_25
#define G1_PIN GPIO_NUM_26
#define B1_PIN GPIO_NUM_27
#define R2_PIN GPIO_NUM_14
#define G2_PIN GPIO_NUM_12
#define B2_PIN GPIO_NUM_13
#define A_PIN GPIO_NUM_22
#define B_PIN GPIO_NUM_21
#define C_PIN GPIO_NUM_17
#define D_PIN GPIO_NUM_16
#define E_PIN GPIO_NUM_36
#define LAT_PIN GPIO_NUM_2
#define OE_PIN GPIO_NUM_15
#define CLK_PIN GPIO_NUM_0

It seems to me that the problem is in Adafruit GFX but how to fix it?

Perhaps it has to do with this line in the example:


which uses pin 0? Try taking out that line or choosing a different pin for CLK

Interested to follow. For my part, I use WT32-ETH01, and I have some differences between differents WT32-ETH01 builds with the same version, but when I have the correct version it’s work (It’s really random because the same build number can have issues or no)
It’s like I have one particular color that make glitch in on line on the panels, it’s really strange. And for some other esp32 I have no problem at all

And I don’t use the pin0