Help with a bigger LED project

Hi guys, I’m very new to this stuff; but ever since I made a ws2812b led matrix I fell in love with this stuff. I was recently contacted by a store owner about building a nicer version of what I made. I decided to use the 64x64 led panels available on Aliexpress to save on costs, and to get a lot better resolution out of it. My plan was to have 6 of these panels oriented 3x2, but as I was doing more research into building this and having trouble with the testing panel I bought; I came across this site and realized I may be in a bit over my head. Nonetheless, I wanted to get your opinion on how I would be able to power a 192x128 display. I was hoping to use a cheap but powerful microcontroller like an ESP32, but after research realized they’re not really good for more than 128x32. What would you suggest I do to tackle this problem?

Look at this project for the Raspberry Pi which can drive larger panels:

If you explain more about your project, maybe someone can help out with more ideas

What louis said. If you want to run arduino code on rPi on 192x128, you can, this is exactly what I’m doing right now.

Note however that if you haven’t written any code yet, writing native linux code would be easier. Either way, you’ll need rpi-rgb-led-matrix, an ESP32 or teensy or whatever, isn’t going to cut it.