How is FastLED_Functions example supposed to look like?

Hello !

I’ve tried the FastLED_Functions from teensylc branch, because I use an ESP32, but I don’t know how it should look like.

This is how mine works:

Does anyone on this forum has a photo or a video with the example code FastLED_Functions working on whatever display ?

I want to know if my display works, because I had to make my own mapping.

Looks like you got the mapping working George, your display and the sketch output looks perfect to me

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It’s great coming from you ! Thanks for the feedback !

I’ve also ran the FeatureDemo and it looks smooth.

It took me a week to make it work. The only thing that’s left is to learn how to use it and add it to my project.

I have a couple of questions though:
How does backgroundLayer.swapBuffers(); work ? When do I need to use it ?

How can I print a static text, without using scrollingLayer ?

Anything you “write” to the matrix is sent to a buffer that isn’t being displayed. It only gets displayed once you call swapbuffer.