How many panels can chain?

im triyng to chain 9 panels (192*192 pixels) hub75 6124 controller with esp32, is possible ? :smiley: thanks in advance(the panel are P3 192 mm * 192 mm)

I think that’s more than the ESP32 can handle, but maybe it can with some lower quality settings. The Teensy 4 can handle that number of pixels. You can always test even with just one panel in hand, by changing the settings to the dimensions you want to drive and see if the quality is high enough looking at the one panel

thanks louis :smiley: by now all the gifs of 64x64 are ok but I think memory will run out with 6 gifs
you know how to attach a sd card reader ? to put all load on card not in esp32

ESP32 will only go up to about 128x64. You can store the GIFS in flash and that will not impact the library which needs main DMA memory.
If you want to go higher res, you likely want a rPi: Marc's Blog: arduino - RGB Panels, from 192x80, to 384x192, to 384x256 and maybe not much beyond
although with a teensy 4.0 you can maybe reach 192x192 barely (although it would be slow and look bad due to low refresh rate)

Raspberry Pico board (rp2040) can run up to 16 modules of 64x32 pixels (so 256x128 in total), but with 16bit colour depth (Adafruit format). Refresh rate was about 80 fps.
Theoretically RP2040 can work with two such channels in parallel, so the result can be two times more, but I didn’t try it.

the pico is not that fast, I use the small rpi3 board, it’s bigger than a teensy, but small enough and the same size than the electrodragon board with 3 parallel outputs

I wrote about what I tried myself…
RP2040 has a very important advantage - a built-in PIO machine, allowing it to execute processes independently of the main core.

You can run Pico with two parallel outputs (Pico would run even three, but there are not enough pins for this)

on a teensy 4 I have been happy running with up to 128 x 192 but beyond that, it runs out of memory.