I broke something. Half panel the wrong color

I’m stumped and need some help.

I’ve got a teensy 4.1 and V5 shield hooked to a sparkfun 32 x 32 matrix. I just used the example “animatedgifs” sketch and it worked for my purposes. It’s worked for probably 2 years that way.

Well… then I saw a cheap 64x64 matrix on aliexpress and tried hooking that up. I went back and forth trying to make it work and gave up.

I went to reupload the sample sketch just like I did and now exactly half of my screen is discolored.

Does anyone know if this might be a problem with my hardware, or possibly something misconfigured in the sketch? It’s been so long since I originally set it up, I’m not sure what I might have configured wrong.

It’s likely a hardware issue. The second blue channel isn’t working. Trying adjusting the cable. You might need to reflow the solder joints on the shield or Teensy for the second blue channel. Worst case there might be something wrong with the panel. Hope that helps