I published a new Procedural Animation Tutorial

It can be found here.

The FastLED code is here.

If anyone runs this on a SmartMatrix setup, I’d appreciate a link to the code changes that were required to get it up and running.

If needed I’m happy to support navigating my code, I know it pretty much inside out by now. Certainly line 14, 15 and 71 need to be changed.

Thank you very much!

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I’ve been trying to get your code to work on both Teensy 3.2 & Teensy 4.1 but haven’t had any success yet. Very puzzelling indeed.

Isn’t this a ready-to-go sketch? Or does it require some modifications to run?

It is ready to go with FastLED as LED driver. SmartMatrix is a different driver, so some changes need to be made.

Here in the comments on top I explained what certainly needs to be adapted.

It would be cool if someone with a SmartMatrix around could implement the SM specific changes and share it here. Every needed change I could think of I explained in the new code - it should be pretty simple to use SM functions now at these few driverspecific places.