ICN2037 support


I’m trying to run a 64x32 panel with ICN2037 chip driver.
Until now I didn’t get any pixel to light up :frowning:
Is this library is compatible with this IC ?

Thank you

I’ve found that the panel is not working on 5V but 4.2V :frowning:

How are you driving the panel? What CPU? Are you using level shifters? If you’re driving it with 3.3V, some panels may work, others expect closer to 5V

Yes, using an Esp32 and a 5V power supply

You probably need 3.3V to 5V level shifters for all the signals going to the HUB75 panel

Do you mean all input pins require 5V signal from esp32? So strange as I see many projets around with esp32 or esp8266 as driver without any other part

Hi guys i have a 64x64 1/32 scan ICN2037BP panel and it works great with ESP32 or 8266 no level shifter just direct wire.

Do you have a link to that panel?
Wihich wiring diagram did you use?

Thank you

some chips may work without level shifters, so do not. All serious/reliable projects use level shifters to make sure there is no issue.
If something isn’t working, first add level shifters to remove that part of the equation.

I agree with Marc. More specifically, these panels tend to use 74HC parts on the inputs, and 74HC parts expect 0.7xVcc for a logic high. At 5.0V that’s 3.5V, so driving with 3.3V is out of spec. Sometimes they work anyway, and that may give false confidence that driving with 3.3V should work. The original SmartMatrix Shield didn’t have level shifters until I came across a panel that didn’t work and looked into the details, and every revision since has had level shifters.

Here is the panel I bought https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/32707934982.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.15a26c37pfbqGi

I want to say I have seen panels with 74HC245 buffers and others with 74HCT245 buffers on the panels input. Note the FPGA card I have uses 74HCT245 with series termination resistors.

There is a lot that goes into this, and honestly most of these panels probably assume certain things. These are very cost optimized and likely target module enclosures. They will work for many applications, however the proper way does require more consideration than what is probably worth mentioning here.

It was mentioned there could be RF concerns from these. However they likely work around this with enclosures. The ribbon cable is not completely proper. There is a lot that goes into level shifters however more than likely using 74HCT245 will work without worrying about rise times, etc. Maybe not completely correct but probably good enough.

Note there is a max frequency depending on voltage, however in this case it probably does not matter. The panels/cable may make this irrelevant, no matter what the drivers mention.

How long is the ribbon cable?

I doubt this is the problem. Just playing devils advocate. There is a possible problem(s) with voltage, signal corruption, rise time, etc. on single ended like this. However if the cable is really long it could be solved with external buffers or slowing things down.

If under 8 inches, ignore this and stick with Louis’s recommendation of using level shifters. If longer still try level shifters as they will provide buffer plus better signal strength.

I have both long and short cables, same problems with both