Ideas for new Patterns (from LED Lamp)

All of these effects are open source.

Maybe this is interesting to someone …

Nice, thanks for sharing.
What kind of rgbpanels is it? Is it the flexible kind?
Is it possible to see what the build looks like?

There are build’s photos:

Fexible matrix:

got it, I figured it might be neopixels and not rgbpanels.
This isn’t exactly the right place to post this, try

I suggested that you can use the visual effects that are written for this lamp in your project.

The original goal of coming to your community was to find out the name of this effect:

Tell me please.

Try , they might know.

Why FastLED?!

I found this pattern on your video (11:07):

But I can’t understand which of the files contains the program code for this effect.

I see, you should have given that detail and said it was from Aurora.
If you’re running Aurora, it should be simple for you to know what pattern you are running, if you can’t figure out it, look at serial output and/or add printfs.

More generally, please read when you ask questions, we can’t read your mind :slight_smile:

Sorry, I haven’t run Aurora in years, so I don’t know. You can try posting to FastLED as suggested, as there’s a big chance someone there (including Jason Coon the author) will read your message and know the pattern

Excuse me. I did not know that the LED-effect shown in the video on your site relates to another project. For some reason I thought that you know at least its name.

but honestly, if you have the code working, it’s trivial to get it to output what it’s running on the serial port and tell you what pattern is currently displaying.

Unfortunately, I have no way to run the entire code, and the count of patterns is large enough to adapt each for my ESP 8266 and to check. And I’m not at all sure that this pattern is in this version of the source code.

I don’t think anyone in this thread is capable of running Aurora easily right now, I think Marc’s suggestion to try posting at FastLED on Reddit is best

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@Louis I do have aurora demos ported to Framebuffer::GFX here:
it’ll work on whatever backend you want.

By the way, when I ported your effects, I found an error.


For the float type, you need to use the function fabs().

Thanks Scott. @lemuroid actually wrote this code (I ported it and made it work with my multi backend library).
Mark, any idea why you used abs vs fabs? See code:

i suspect I failed to use fabs because I had no idea it existed or that abs was going to be an issue. So, I learned something today.

The code seems to function despite this or does it? Anyway, with the exception of taking an introduction class 15-111 at Carnegie Mellon, I am a self taught programmer who has a tiny bag of tricks but uses them often.

The following lines had to be added precisely because of this error.

driftx = constrain (…
drifty = constrain (…

The drifting of the center eventually stopped in the corner.

Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know about fabs either :slight_smile: