IR remote with Smart Matrix/Teensy 3.6

New to teensy and arduino so i am a little slow at this. I have a smart matrix v4 and teensy 3.6 with 2x 32x64 LED panels. I have gotten both of them hooked up and everything is working fine if i just edit the Animated Gif setup already and load GIFS on to my SD card.That works great and GIFS play fine. But im trying to add a IR controller that i got and all of the guides online are outdated and use the teensy 3.2. Is there anyway i can just add the lines of code to the Animated gif sketch and it will work? everything i have tried so far has failed. I want to be able to switch GIFS and cycle through the ones i want or be able to pause and go through a menu with the IR controller

You might want to check out Marc Merlin’s AnimatedGIF project, which expands on this project to add some things, including IR support (if I remember correctly):

Also look at the Aurora software running on Teensy 3.6 with 64x64 panels, which should be in this forum I think.

Actually it adds a bunch of stuff, but not IR support.

For IR, see
TL;DR: you can use
it works fine with RGBPanels on ESP32

My completely stupid big project that uses RGBPanels and IR on ESP32 is here:
I don’t really recommend going through it unless you’re handy with grep and code scanning :slight_smile:

Hi Taylor. This is Denny, the Pikachu totem guy. We talked on Facebook. I don’t have any advice for this but just wanted to say good luck on your project. @marcmerlin is also an EDC goer. :slight_smile:

You definitely want to look at

get the basic example code working on your teensy, and then there should be no reason for it not to work in addition to the animatedgif code.