Is hub75e supported by library and shield(V4)


just a quick question. Is hub75e for 64x64 matrix displays supported by the library and the shield(SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4)? I found some flags in the source code
relating to hub75e and FM6126A which suggest it is supported.

Also i saw some posts in the web where some people got it working with modifications of
the smartmatrix library. Are these changes integrated into smartmatrix?
Eg. Modify code for 64*64 pixel, HUB75E, 1/32 Scan led panels

Asking because i want to by one of these kind
They have hub75e and from the pictures they use FM6126A (if the pic is correct btw.)

thanks, Sven

Yes, SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4 drives five address pins and 64x64 panels (with compatible chipsets) are supported.

I rarely receive panels that look like the pictures in Aliexpress. They usually just ship what’s on hand. FM6126A is supported on Teensy.

(That old discussion was talking about adding HUB75E support to a bare Teensy 3, which still only supports 4 address lines in the official SmartMatrix Library. SmartLED Shield for Teensy 3/4 support 5 address lines)

Hello Louis,

just wanted to let you know that i got some 64x64 HUB75E P2 panels from Alibaba (Chip FM6124)
and two smartmatrix shields.
FeatureDemo works nicely with

const uint16_t kMatrixWidth = 64;
const uint16_t kMatrixHeight = 64;
const uint8_t kRefreshDepth = 36;
const uint8_t kDmaBufferRows = 4;
const uint8_t kPanelType = SM_PANELTYPE_HUB75_64ROW_MOD32SCAN;
great library!


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