Is it possible to scroll chinese text on the scrolling layer?

I have a set of unicode fonts converted from .bdf to a .c file that includes chinese, japan or korea characters.
Does the smartmatrix have any functions or examples that can do scrolling those characters?

No there’s no examples for that. SmartMatrix Library does support adding custom fonts that are compatible with Adafruit_GFX:

And here’s a discussion about Chinese fonts and Adafruit_GFX:

The MultipleTextLayersGfx is really good example for scrolling text with custom fonts, but it seems not working for chinese fonts.
You can download the font source code kaiu16pt7b.h (kaiu16pt7b.h - Google Drive) here.

The changes I did for testing is listed below, but only letters and digits scrolled on panel.

  1. Add the chinese font header.

#include “kaiu16pt7b.h”

  1. Modify the example source code with chinese characters.


if(scrollingLayer00.start(“中文 1”, -1) < 0)
Serial.println(“Layer 00 text doesn’t fit”);
if(scrollingLayer01.start(“中文 Layer 01”, -1) < 0)
Serial.println(“Layer 01 text doesn’t fit”);

Any suggestion?

Thank you a lot.


That font doesn’t contain Chinese characters. You can use this tool to see what’s in an Adafruit_GFX font:

Adafruit_GFX and SmartMatrix Library are built around ASCII characters which only support 128 characters. Even if you found an Adafruit_GFX font that contained Chinese characters you would likely have to modify Adafruit_GFX and SmartMatrix Library to be able to address each character, as you will likely have more than 128 characters.