Issue with horizontal scrolling on RGB 64x32 (P4) display

I am trying to use a P4 64x32 RGB display with an ESP32. It is a 1/16 scan display. During a horizontal scroll, the text tears up on the left half side of the display. I noticed it when I executed the FastLED.ino example code after removing the backgroundLayer entirely. I tried to change the values for kRefreshDepth and kDmaBufferRows but there is no noticeable change.

I have added a few things like webserver.h and some code related to controlling the scrolling text display through a server hosted by the ESP32 itself on a local network it creates. How it works is that you connect to the network using your mobile WiFi connection and then go to the URL of the server hosted by ESP32 which contains a simple POST form to input values such as text, speed of scroll and padding, which is basically the number of spaces after the text for multiple panel display.

but even after commenting all of that and running only the bare code of scrollingText through a screen, the tearing on the left half of the matrix is constant.

I could not upload the video but here is a google drive link for it:

How to make the scrolling smooth in both right and left half of the matrix?

Try reversing this commit:

Wow, its working perfectly fine now.
May I know how did you judge the problem and gave the solution so quickly?:sweat_smile:

@Louis should we all reverse this :slight_smile: or can you revert the github branch? still seems to have the patch


I missed @sarthak’s reply, which I think was the first actual confirmation that this code breaks forum pinout boards, though I suspected it previously