Largest size gif

Hi All,

What is the largets size gif that can be displayed?

Im trying to display a 128x32 gif using a Teensy 3.2 and smartmatrix shield and the basic AnimatedGifs demo, ive changed the maximum bounds of the gif to 128x32 but i only get the text NO GIFS DIRECTORY scrolling…
If i change the LZW_MAXBITS to 11 from 12 the GIF does display but the lower 3rd of the image is distorted…
I think this may be a memory issue as its used 93% of memory with LZW_MAXBITS set to 12 and set to 11 it uses in the low 80’s and displays distorted but stilll displays…
Setting to a lower resolution like 32x32 and all is good.
Ive turned off USB to gain memory, is there any where else memory can be freed up?


Are you using the new GifDecoder library or the old animated Gifs sketch? The new library is better with memory

Im using your original gifs demo sketch…
What would i expect from the new one? Also what would be the limit on panel and gif size i would expect when using a teensy 3.2?
Where would i download the new version?

It seems any alteration to the gifs sketch demo results in a NO GIFS DIRECTORY displayed, im guessing its memory related…

You should upgrade: GitHub - pixelmatix/GifDecoder

The Teensy 3,2 likely doesn’t have enough memory, I recommend a Teensy 4.1 if you switch to Teensy.

The ESP32 sometimes can’t load a SD card after a reboot. Try a power cycle if you get an error

Its almost impossible to get any sort of teensy without paying through the roof to do so. I have a few 3.2 teensys already so i want to use them .

Have you any ideas on why it would display no gifs directory ? Have you come accross this before?

I haven’t seen this but if it only happens when you are using a lot of memory, it probably has to do with that