LED Matrix 64x64, white LED shows tiny red dot ontop

Hi there,

I use a HUB75E P3 64x64 LED panel with ESP32 / raspberry pi etc. I notice that each LED shows a tiny red dot if it is set to white and a tiny blue dot on the bottom when it shows magenta color.

I know and understand the concept that the color white is a combination of RGB. The LED shows white but it seems that the red component is brighter(?) than the others.

Since this is the only panel I have and I can not compare it to others, I have the question: If you are like 2 meters away from the panel, do you still see “the RGB components” of the color white or is it pure white?

Thanks guys,


The lights look better when diffused, so the RGB components can mix. Search the forum for diffuser to get some ideas, it can be as simple as a sheet of printer paper.

Are you powering with a full 5V power supply, with enough current to handle what you’re displaying? If the power supply dips, red LEDs have a lower voltage to turn on, so you’ll get more red than others. Usually it should look mostly even, but you can see variation between LEDs if you look closely.