Looking for 128x128 P2 Panels


I’m currently using a Teensy 3.5 with a 64x64 RGB Panel and it works fine. I’m interessted in switching to 128x128 so I ordered a Teensy 4.1 and a new shield (not arrived yet).

Can anyone recommend a display (4x 64/64 or 2x 128/64) which should work? I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links to aliexpress eg

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There’s some info on supported and unsupported chipsets here but it’s incomplete:

With larger panels like 128x64 you risk getting an unsupported chipset. Having someone recommend an Aliexpress listing that worked for them is unreliable as vendors seems to ship whatever they have on hand, and not necessarily the exact model they shipped previously

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So it would be better to use four 64x64? So actually I have to order a panel and hope it will work? Maybe I can ask the vendor and send it back if not the promised chipset?

I’d recommend asking the vendor what chipset it is and looking in the Wiki or in the forum here to see if it’s compatible. I don’t know how much luck you’d have sending it back, as usually shipping to China is a lot more expensive than shipping from China. Others like @marcmerlin have had some luck getting refunds for incompatible panels, maybe he has some advice on what to do to make sure you get a compatible panel.

So, 128x64 panels are pretty common, they all come with FM6126A chips, and the ones I tried with Louis’ library only half worked, but they work great with the rPi driver.
To be honest, for 128x128 and above, you’ll need a teensy 4 and hope louis’ library works ok with the panels you got, or use the rPi driver which works fine with them, as that’s what I use.

Note too that you may end up with ABC panels instead of ABCDE, but they are supported too: https://github.com/hzeller/rpi-rgb-led-matrix/issues/823

As for returning panels that you can’t drive, forget it. I did get some panels replaced because they had pixels that fell off during shipping, or in the case of ABC panels, I ordered ABCDE and they sent ABC by mistake, so they replaced them.

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Replacing Teensy by another device is not an option because I have a lot of code running on it, that’s why i’m going to switch to teensy 4. If 128x64 is to complicated would you recommend multiple 64x64? Or do they have the same problems?

There’s been 64x64 panels with FM6126A chips: https://github.com/pixelmatix/SmartMatrix/issues/78

That being said, FM6126A should work well with Teensy and SmartMatrix Library 4.0.

I don’t recall having heard of 64x64 with AB/ABC addressing (which can’t be supported by SmartMatrix Library on the Teensy). Maybe Marc has heard of some as he has been staying on top of these issues more than me.

Ok. I give it a try. Will report if it works well. Unfortunately Smart Shield v4 is in germany not available. Can you recommend a vendor in europe?

Try Mouser, Digikey (just found it listed there and don’t have a link on my site yet), Smart-Prototyping, they all likely have cheap shipping to Germany, not sure about customs duties: http://docs.pixelmatix.com/SmartMatrix/shop.html

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I got a couple 128x64 panels through Amazon but they don’t seem to be available anymore. I purchased several from Alibaba (from China). They were only $26 each but $50 shipping. And a month or so to get them in Kansas City. They are all Hub75 and they all work great with Louis’s library. I’m thinking of buying more to make a 3x3 array, 384x192.
So far so good.

So, I ask a few vendors and they told me they have 6124, GS6238, 2037 and fm 16127 (guess that should be 6127). I’m not sure how to ask for ABCDE panels (and if it’s even necessary)

I think you are really going to be pushing beyond the limit at 384x192 if it’s even possible with a teensy.
I barely get 384x256 with 3 chains on an rPi (teensy is single chain)

I use https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0869P1DCH
works with rpi-rgb-panel, and somewhat worked with this lib last I checked (a while ago)

Both panels arrived this weekend. Unfortunately the display adapter for Teensy 4 is not here yet, but it tried teensy 3.5 with SmartMatrix Adapter V4. Panels with ICN2037BP work with 128x128 and very low frame rate (with kRefreshDepth == 3). When playing gifs the colors are wrong. Guess it’s because of the low refreshrate. I hope teensy 4 will work fine.

The panels with FM6124 are ABC panels and they flicker only when connected. Guess they won’t work at all with teensy?

Are the colors correct with a different sketch?

Very unlikely they’ll ever work with Teensy. I do plan on getting these to work with the ESP32, and have a solution for indirectly driving a panel through an ESP32, so your Teensy could potentially drive these panels using that solution in the future. Just no time to work on these project right now.

Made a short test. Colors are also wrong in other sketches. I can’t mount the display adapter directly so i extended the cables a little bit - maybe this went wrong. Or do you think there may be a general problem with the color?

Could be an issue from the manufacturer, here’s the fix: https://github.com/pixelmatix/SmartMatrix/wiki/MatrixHardware-Header#how-to-swap-color-order-on-hub75-connector

ABC panels work with rpi-rgb-panel (on rPi)

Greetings! I recently bought a couple 32x64 P2.5 panels. One was very erratic with Teensy/Smart Shield, but worked fine with R Pi. The other worked fine on both. But the colors were wrong on both. By changing the color order on the Pi and Teensy codes, they work well.