Making 32x32 P6 LED Matrix (1/8 scan) Work with Arduino Mega

Hello everyone,

I’m seeking help to get my 32x32 P6 LED matrix (1/8 scan) operational with an Arduino Mega. I’ve attempted to use the Adafruit libraries, but they’re tailored for 1/16 scan LED matrices and therefore don’t display things correctly on my setup. Additionally, I’ve tried the PxMatrix library, but unfortunately, I’m not seeing any output on the matrix.

I’m reaching out to inquire if anyone in the community has experience with this particular type of matrix and could offer guidance on making it function with an Arduino Mega. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Matrices with a scan of less than half the height (for example, yours is 32x32, half the height is 16 - but the scan is 8) are difficult for most libraries. In my library, I developed a mechanism that makes it easier to work with such matrices. In order to connect a new matrix, all I need is a video of its sequential filling. But my library does not work with Mega, only with STM32 and RP2040 boards (but in the Arduino environment). Support for AVR chips is planned, but not yet added