Matrix HUB75 Sheild for ESP32

Well, I successfully designed my first pcb shield. It connects a Micro SD Module with a ESP32 DEV board to a 32x32 LED Matrix panel to play animated gifs. This is the first evolution, The next version will be adding power terminals for the matrix to to the shield to eliminate the matrix power wires and connectors. It may not be the prettiest…but it works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cool! Well done, Ron!

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Just curious, how much image data do you have? With ESP32 Pro, I have 12MB of flash, my gifs are 192x128, that’s actually a lot of gifs that can fit in 12MB, and I never needed more external storage.

yes, there is plenty of internal storage. The reason i am using a sd card module is that i could get this working and the internal version i am having issues with(all on my end, i am sure). When i get some spare time, i plan on working out my bugs for using the internal storage and eliminate the sd card. Baby steps :upside_down_face:

Gotcha. Funny because SPIFFS/FATFS was easier for me than sdcard :slight_smile:

SPIFFS is the easiest by far, if it works for you, use that.

FatFS is more efficient and faster, but takes more RAM and needs and updated java plugin to create the filesystem to flash, but it should be usable now, especially in my branch of the gif viewer (that’s what I use myself)

LittleFS does not work for me for any chip past 4MB of flash. I filed a bug, never heard back.

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