Maximum rgb led matrix panels?

I’ve been looking here and there but cant find an answer.
Can someone please tell me what the maximum number of rgb matrix panels can be connected to one smartmatrix shield v4 with a teensy 3.6?

I’m new to using this specific kit but I’m trying to create a large display maybe a couple of metres wide that will run an aurora style animation on a loop.
If you’ve got any suggestions please let me know.

You can drive a display around 128x64 before you start running into memory issues with a SmartLED Shield V4 and Teensy 3.6.

You may run into other limits, like low refresh rate or low amount of spare CPU to calculate your animations before running out of memory. If you have the Teensy and shield, you can try it out before purchasing a lot of panels just by setting the display size to what you want to try, and see what the refresh and animation frame rate looks like on one panel.

Thanks Louis I assumed as much.
I’ll have to try and find some other way of driving the panels

rPi will let you drive more panels as it’s faster and has a lot of RAM, but depending on how big you’re looking at, you’ll hit limits there eventually too. See and
If that’s still not big enough, you need a dedicated card with FPGA which is what all the big displays, use.

I’m running 192 x 32 without any issues

I think I’ll probably have to go down the FPGA route.
Its not like I need a monster display I’m just trying to replicate the aurora effect from the LifX tiles I have, only issue is you cant link multiple sets of the lifx tiles and I want a 4ft x 3ft panel of them.

billbrach, 192x32 on a Smartmatrix Shield?