Modify 64x64 matrix

Hi, i need to make a led rgb matrix 64x64 pixels, 5v max 2A with bluetooth controller for my project.
i searched online and i found it, is a panel used with the cinese led backpack.
i buy one of this backpack and i find a led matrix panel with only one usb cable and a GD32F105RBT6 controller.
i would like to modify it but i don’t find any documetation and the software is not open source, is it possible to change the MCU controller with another one ?
if is not, i have make a led rgb matrix on my own, which controller can i use to control it with multiplexing?
i upload some pictures.
the integrated circuits are sm16017s and TC7258GN.

I believe this panel is compatible with SmartMatrix Library, but can’t be sure without testing it. You’d need to remove the circuit board probably using hot air, and then solder wires from the SmartLED Shield to the ABCDE, CLK,LAT,OE,RGB,GND pads

I found that these panels are now available pretty cheap if you buy them without the backpack which I don’t need anyway. I just bought this one for $35 shipped:

yes, i had already seen it, but the problem is that i need to control it with my app or with my code.
i can try to remove the circuit board and i think that the pins are similar as this

i can try this guide with a esp32 or similar, what do you think about?

Yes, I think if you removed the controller circuit board and wired it up as a HUB75 panel it would work, or at least it’s worth trying.

Perfect, i order esp32 and i try to install it.
I will let you know if it works

Hi, Any luck with this? I still haven’t tried to modify my panel yet, but would like to soon.