My smartmatrix build, Spectrum analyzer examples

Hi, thought i would share my smartmatrix build. running latest version of Aurora and sm3. showing only the inbuilt spectrum analyzer patterns. i have also added the Ds1307 for time keeping. in all a fantastic piece of kit.

Frame is from ikea, a great price of £4.99. 32x32 display fits perfect. For diffusing i use 2 layers of frosted film, with about 10mm spacing.

Thanks to the guys here for all your help.

Music by my good friend pete white.


Looks great Manny!

Do you have any more details on the frosted film?

Hiya Louis, Thanks, as ive said before its you guys that have done all the hard work.

The frosted film i used was a frosted vinyl. i can get further details of light transmission, and brand etc. im on holiday for a few days, so will update when im back. im still testing out other vinyls as i have a few matrix`s made from ws2812bs, trying to diffuse them with limited spacing is pain. but had some success with the protective covering off some plexiglass.

here is an example… i used the same diffusing on the smartmatrix on this display, then used the protective covering.

Hi… ive tried to track down the frosted vinyl i used, and the only information i found is it was a frosted vinyl made by 3m., in my line of work we use alot of vinyls, produced by spandex, and 3m, it has no information on light transmission., sorry guys i can not be any more help.

No problem, thanks for sharing the info you had!

The spectrum analyzer + smearing looks great!

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