New 64x32 board :)

Hi everyone… its been a while since ive posted on here :slight_smile:

i managed to get hold of a cheap 64x32 board. loaded aurora and it seems to be working 90% ok. most if the patterns work, and the vu… but some of them only work one side.

settings i have so far

kMatrixWidth = 64;
kMatrixHeight = 32;
kRefreshDepth = 36;
kDmaBufferRows = 2;

memory is running a little low on the teensy 3.1 - anything i can do to reduce it a little and what settings would or should i be using for kpaneltype ?

thanks guys for any help :slight_smile:

Hi Manny,

Your settings look good, though you can lower kRefreshDepth to 24 to save memory at the expense of color depth, but it won’t look as good. Beyond that, maybe @Jason has some ideas on what to strip out to save memory, but if the sketch isn’t crashing, maybe it’s OK as is.

Hi Louis, hope you and jason are well…

Thanks again. its not crashing. Jason did such a good job on converting quite a few of the vu meters to work on the 16x32 board a while back was hoping this board would work very similar. 60 % of the patterns seem to work fine… text scrolls central etc. but some of the patterns only the left side work, and some only the right side works. as long as my settings are good then i will just slowly remove what doesnt work.