New P2, 1/32 Scan, 64*64, Led panel with different IC chip controller


led panels with icn2037 or icn2038 work on teensy 3.2 ?

The donated panel I got isn’t an ABC panel, so I’m still looking for a sample. If anyone has a known ABC panel that they want to sell or donate to me to help with adding this feature to SmartMatrix Library, I’d be grateful!

I’m in the UK now but family from the US will be visiting me in March, so I could give a US shipping address if that would make things easier for any US residents. Please send me a DM or email:

and as luck would have it, the new ABC panels I bought ended up being ABCDE, so I don’t have spares I can send you either, sorry.

Hello everybody, someone knows difference beetween FM6124S and TC5020AP?