New Panel - 120x90 1/45

I just got some P1.667 panels 200m x 150mm with 120x90 pixels. They have a scan rate of 1/45 so I assume just two rows at a time.

The interface is HUB75 but has A B C and N (not D or E). Has anyone seen this before? what signal would be used to get 1/45 out of 4 pins?

Also they don’t have a in and out port, only a single port in.

Here is what the port looks like…

I managed to get some activity from it. Those bands are 15 pixels wide (15 x 8 = 120) and defiantly split in top and bottom halves of 45 rows each.

Hi, where’d you get these panels? I can find some similar ones on Aliexpress, but they don’t have a HUB75 connector. These likely use a separate clock and data line on the address pins to send addresses and possibly commands. Search the forum for AB or ABC panels and you’ll find some discussion.

I’ve been trying to get a panel with addressing like this for a while with no luck. It looks like it’s around $120-140 for me to get one, a little pricy but might be worth it if I can use it for testing. supports this type of panel. The ESP32 SmartMatrix Library port has a possibility of handling them, but I haven’t written the code and I don’t have any panels to test with. The way the Teensy using SmartMatrix Library send out address information doesn’t lend itself to driving these types of panels.

Also, I’ve never seen a panel with dimensions that aren’t a power of 2. I’m guessing there will be at least a couple places in SmartMatrix Library that need to be modified to handle non power of 2 dimensions to drive this panel, once the addressing is figured out.


Is there a safe way to get your address and I’ll send you one in return for some help to learn how to drive it. I really like them with the 4x3 dimensions.

I have a pi zero somewhere so I will give that a try as well thanks.

Hi Timbo, I sent you a direct message but didn’t hear a reply.

Do you have a link to where you got your panel? I tried looking for them and all the ones I found had a custom connector, not HUB75.