Newbie questions: resolution, amp, panels

hi community,

i m new to led panel matrix. but i built a 20x20 matrix with neopixel, fastLED and esp32. this was a big fun, but the resolution is very low. so i decided to build a p5 128x64 matrix with 4 chained led panels.

i ve got some beginner questions:

  • what is the max resolution, a esp32 or teensy can drive?

  • what is better: teensy or esp32? and which version?

  • i want to use panels from aliexpress. which of these work together with smartmatrix? i know to check the panel driver chip, but there is no driver chip listet in the specs.

  • how many amps do you recommend for 128x64px? all leds will newer be at the same time white. in fastLED you can limit the brightness and power consumption. is this feature in smartmatrix also?


You can calculate it yourself by formula:

Current  = WIDTH x ( HEIGHT / SCAN ) * 0.06 A

For example, for one 128x64 1/32 matrix it will be:

128 * (64/32) * 0.06 = 16 A

This result is a maximum consumption of ALL WHITE pixels at full brightness. In real applications you can choose a power supply 1.5 - 3 times weaker

I have heard an ESP32 is better than a teensy, cant speak on teensy versions though. Especially if you need wifi and or Bluetooth, id say get a ESP32. I think an esp32 is more powerful than a teensy so it may be overkill depending on your project but ive seen ESP32’s go for less than a teensy. so if anything it saves money.

Afaik, limiting the brightness and only using red green or blue colors will limit the power consumption, which can be done with the smartmatrix library when you program your teensy/esp32.

thx. i did not know this formular. i want to build my matrix out of 4x64x32x modules. so the height is 2 modules of 32. one 32er modules is 16 scanrate. if i understand this right, the formular must be in my case 128* ((32/16)*2) * 0.06 = 30,72 A. is this right?

It is correct result, but more simple calculate the current for one panel and than multiple by number of panels

4 panels *  64 * (32/16) * 0.06  ~ = 30 A