No gifs directory

I am having trouble with
"Animated GIFs Display Code for SmartMatrix and HUB75 RGB LED Panels

  • Uses SmartMatrix Library written by Louis Beaudoin at
  • Written by: Craig A. Lindley
    Code compiles great, my 64x64 HUB75 display works great, Teensy 4.1, Smart Matrix 4 v5 all good and power is excellent. The issue is that Teensy can’t see any directories. I’ve tried the following:
    gifs/, /gifs/, gifs64/, /gifs64/, gifs
    all to no avail. What am I not doing wrong here?

you have to do more debugging: are you using an sdcard? Does it work with a simple sdcard script?

When I used my teensy 4.1 to display gifs on my 64x64 matrix, I had to manually create a gifs directory on my 1gb microSD card. After that the AnimatedGifs example worked fine.