Odd Pixels Using Outdoor Enclosure

Hi all, I’m back again for a seemingly elusive problem I’m having. I’m running teensy 4.0 with a 3x3 64x32 panels resulting in a 192x96 panel setup creating an Event/Heat board for swimming. I have a 4 button remote control that operates the setup. I purchased a nice metal outdoor enclosure for the set up and this is where it goes wrong.

Everything works perfectly when not using the enclosure. Here are nice pictures of the enclosure, if they come thru.

The next picture is what the panels look like not using the enclosure. The power supply, power distribution block, and the teensy are buried under the panels.

Then when I stuff everything in the enclosure, I wind up with pixels that supposed to be white that are flickering blue.

Has anyone else ran into anything like this? I am really at my wits end. I have replaced all the panels, tried different hub75 cables, switched from a teensy 4 to a 4.1, tried 2 different power supplies. At this point, I am willing to try almost anything. Oh and the FeatureDemo seems to run perfectly using the enclosure, which makes it all the more confusing.

Thank you all for reading and for any input you have!


Off the top of my head I’d guess it’s a grounding issue. Make sure the Teensy Ground and HUB75 ground are connected together well, and not just through the tiny 30ga wire in the ribbon cable. I’m not sure how your enclosure should be grounded, but take a look at that too and make sure you’ve thought about it. Hope that helps

Thanks for the quick reply Louis. The enclosure isn’t grounded all, so good thought there. The Teensy and the panels share the same power and ground from the distribution block. So, I think that’s okay. Let me try grounding the enclosure to the distribution block and I’ll let you know.


Just a quick update. I had to order a larger ground wire and it will be here tomorrow, but I tried using some nylon screws to attach the panels to the box. And it works perfectly. So, perhaps the combination of the nylon screws and rubber seals on the backs of the panels provided enough isolation. But you were correct in that the box needs grounding. So, I’ll do that tomorrow and perhaps be able to use regular screws. I will post another update soon. Thanks for the insight Louis.