Only red color with teensy 3.6/Smartled shield V4


I need help!!! I try to make works a led panel (128*64) , 1/32 scan (with E pin) with this chips : fm6124, tc7258en, 74hc245.

I use a teensy 3.6 whith smartmatrix V4.
I see only red color !!! I try with another cable… whith arduino i can see red, green and bleu… (but make random pixel)…

the code for exemple:
if i change the setBrightness
matrix.setBrightness((100255)/100); //brightness);
255)/100); //brightness);
the text become illegible

// only for testing

#include <SmartLEDShieldV4.h>
#include <SmartMatrix3.h>

#define COLOR_DEPTH 24 // known working: 24, 48 - If the sketch uses type rgb24 directly, COLOR_DEPTH must be 24

const uint8_t kMatrixWidth = 128;
const uint8_t kMatrixHeight = 64;

const uint8_t kRefreshDepth = 36; // known working: 24, 36, 48
const uint8_t kDmaBufferRows = 4; // known working: 2-4, use 2 to save memory

const uint8_t kPanelType = SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_64ROW_MOD32SCAN;  // use SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_16ROW_MOD8SCAN for common 16x32 panels, or use SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_64ROW_MOD32SCAN for common 64x64 panels
const uint8_t kMatrixOptions = (SMARTMATRIX_OPTIONS_NONE);      // see for options
const uint8_t kBackgroundLayerOptions = (SM_BACKGROUND_OPTIONS_NONE);
const uint8_t kScrollingLayerOptions = (SM_SCROLLING_OPTIONS_NONE);
const uint8_t kIndexedLayerOptions = (SM_INDEXED_OPTIONS_NONE);

SMARTMATRIX_ALLOCATE_BUFFERS(matrix, kMatrixWidth, kMatrixHeight, kRefreshDepth, kDmaBufferRows, kPanelType, kMatrixOptions);
SMARTMATRIX_ALLOCATE_BACKGROUND_LAYER(backgroundLayer, kMatrixWidth, kMatrixHeight, COLOR_DEPTH, kBackgroundLayerOptions);
SMARTMATRIX_ALLOCATE_SCROLLING_LAYER(scrollingLayer, kMatrixWidth, kMatrixHeight, COLOR_DEPTH, kScrollingLayerOptions);
SMARTMATRIX_ALLOCATE_INDEXED_LAYER(indexedLayer, kMatrixWidth, kMatrixHeight, COLOR_DEPTH, kIndexedLayerOptions);

void setup() {

backgroundLayer.fillScreen({0, 0, 0});

backgroundLayer.drawString(0, 1, {255, 255, 255}, "Line1"); //{255, 255, 255} White
backgroundLayer.drawString(0, 16, {255, 215, 0}, "Line2"); //{255, 215, 0} Yellow

backgroundLayer.drawString(0, 34, {255, 255, 255}, "Line3");
backgroundLayer.drawString(0, 49, {0, 255,255}, "Line4");

matrix.setBrightness((100*255)/100); //brightness);
void loop() {

thank you to reading me !!!

Make sure you’re powering the led panel directly with a good power supply

I got your PM saying you had a good power supply and that your account was temporarily silenced (I think I fixed that). Usually a display only showing red is because there’s not enough power getting to the panel, and red LEDs can turn on with lower voltage. Can you measure the voltage on the panel’s power supply contacts?

I’m not sure what else to have you try

Dans le mille Emile!!!
Power supply works fine but not the plug (in picture)


Now all works fine.
Thank you master !!!
You are the Best!!!