Only works on usb

hi, well ive finally got around to assembling the smartmatrix kit. firstly amazing bit of kits. along with aurora… one word. wow… but i can only get it to work with usb. NOT, with the power supply, which i know is good. im sure i have read this before, sorry for repeating the question, in advance.

ok, i am getting 5v to the teensy. i installed the diode and resister and mentioned on instructables. and have installed with the band side down away from the teensy?

Hi Manny, the band should be toward, not away from the Teensy. If the pictures on the build instructions weren’t clear, take a couple pictures and post them and I’ll tell you if it’s the right way.

Hi louis. thanks again… knew you was going to say that :smiley:… ok time for some unsoldering.

Also if it’s working with USB, then you didn’t cut the vusb trace on the teensy, which means you could feed power from the power supply into your computers USB port. It’s best if you cut the trace. You can still fit the tip of a hobby knife between the two pcbs, just be careful to cut the right place on the board. Use a light to see.

Thanks Louis… i had an idea thats what it may have been. all sorted and working. i gave the trace a few good cuts with a very sharp craft knife, guess it wasnt enough. so as long as i make sure the power supply is switched off when programming i should be ok ?

Oops, missed this message while I was traveling. Yes, that seems like a good idea to avoid damage to either your computer or the Teensy while programming.