Panel Size Question

Hi, I just bought two of these 64x32 panels which I plan to put together to make a 64x64

I’m curious if my setting for in my Teensy sketch should be:


And then just set my matrix width and height to 64…

Seems like that should work… Anything else I would need to change for a 64x64?


Use the default panel type for a panel 32 pixels high. Set the height to 64 and the library knows to draw to two panels

@Louis I tried all 3 options in kPanelType and the screen just doesn’t display anything.

I’m using your FeatureDemo sketch to test it…

Are there any other options I need to adjust?




@marcmerlin how can I tell if my panel is an FM6126A ?


realistically you need a magnifying lens or very very good eyes (I have the later) and look at the chips on the back. Either they say ICN* or FM26*

The only marking I can see on the chips are:

TC50 20A 5E497800

Does this help?

The chip markings aren’t something I can interpret

I think with the FM6126A chip you’d see some output, not just blank if SmartMatrix Library was driving it properly.

What shield are you using? If it’s SmartLED Shield V4, is the #include <SmartLEDShieldV4.h> line at the top uncommented?

FM6126A stays 100% dark if you don’t send it the correct init sequence.

I’m using v4 of the shield and the library is uncommented.

What Teensy? 3.2 will struggle to handle 32x64, let alone 64x64

I’m using a Teensy 3.6


We can’t tell if your chipset is FM6126A, but it wouldn’t hurt to try this option:

Change kMatrixOptions like this and try again

const uint8_t kMatrixOptions = (SMARTMATRIX_OPTIONS_FM6126A_RESET_AT_START);

This code is only available in the latest version (not yet released) on GitHub.

Next, try the Bitmaps example, and look to see if the LED is blinking, indicating that at least the code is running