Panel Suggestions

I’m looking for some cheaper panel suggestions. Adafruit has options but they are expensive to some alternatives on things like Aliexpress. I’m looking for anyone who has purchased panels from something like Aliexpress and gotten them to work with the library with NO MODIFICATION to the library itself.

I’d like a P5 or P6 panel, that I can purchase 1 or 2 at a time until I have what I need. And I’d need them to be 32x32.

I’ve already purchased one from Adafruit and one random one from Aliexpress that was 1/8th scan, the Adafruit one obviously worked fine but the Aliexpress one never worked correctly (and I’m still not entirely certain why, it was 1/8th scan but I could not determine why my designed animation did not work).

Any suggestions within the guidelines above are appreciated! If I absolutely have to I will buy panels from Adafruit, but it’ll end up delaying my project quite a bit with the number of panels I want and how much I’ll have to spend to get them.

Hi Brad,

For 32x32 you need a /16 scan panel. 32x32/8 scan is not currently supported, but may be supported in the (far) future.

I don’t have a supplier to recommend. I used to buy from Shenzhen MDS directly, but I’m not sure if they’re on Aliexpress. Nearly all suppliers have discrepancies in their listings from what’s in the title, and the specs in the listing, and the pictures shown. Be extra careful verifying the specs of the panel you’re getting.

FYI, when you buy a panel or set of panels, the manufacturer usually tries to sell you panels from the same batch of LEDs. When the LEDs are manufacturered, each batch is a little different, so the colors are subtly different. If you put two panels from separate batches together displaying the same color or content spread across the panels, you may notice a discontinuity in color between the two panels.