PlatformIO Library Registries for SmartMatrix Library and GifDecoder

To anyone who may have registered the “pixelmatix” username in PlatformIO and registered SmartMatrix Library and GifDecoder:

I’m starting to use PlatformIO now, and want to keep these libraries up to date with PlatformIO. Someone has already created a username for “pixelmatix” and registered SmartMatrix Library and GifDecoder, which is great except that I can’t update these library registry entries as new releases are made. The registries are tied to the “pixelmatix” username, which I don’t have. I can create a new username, e.g. “embedded-creations”, and register the updated libraries, but the “pixelmatix” registries are still there and take priority, and it creates a mess if there’s two registries with the same name for each library.

If you have the “pixelmatix” username, can you please get in touch so we can figure this out?

Got it figured out, PlatformIO granted me access to the “pixelmatix” organization and I can now submit updates to SmartMatrix Library and GifDecoder