Play animated GIF to end of file

How do I play a GIF animation once to end of file instead of using a timer. I have some long animations. I see someone asked this and he found the answer, but didn’t reveal what it was. :slight_smile:

The quickest way is to just set the timeout to be longer than your GIFs

There’s not yet a good solution for having a default timeout to be short, and also allow for playing long GIFs.

It’s possible that you can use the error code that decodeFrame() returns to find when the decoder has reached the end of the file. I think ERROR_DONE_PARSING is returned at the end of the file.

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Thanks for the response. I’ve tried changing the timer for a long animation. But I want to play a series of GIFs that range from about 15 minutes to 10 hours so the timer won’t do.
I thought about the error code for end of file. How do I access that from my sketch?