Power the Teensy 3.6 w/ SmartMatrix V4

I am following this build blog.

I had it working with alligator clips. Then soldered it all together and nada. I have taken it all apart and put it back on alligator clips and nada. I bought a new Teensy 3.6 and another smart shield and nada. Im used to using a chip that has some serial output to know what it’s doing. Would anyone have any debugging suggestions they could pass my way?

Edit: Here is the code

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This is a better question for our community: community.pixelmatix.com

You can hook your Teensy up via USB and the Arduino Serial Monitor and add debugging, there’s limited print statements in the AnimatedGIFs code already for debugging

Sorry, It started as a question on how I power the Teensy from the smartmatrix board. I will head over there. Thanks for your help.

My apologies but when I click your suggested community link it takes me right back to here where I posted the question. Is there some other way I was supposed to post the question that I’m missing?


Sorry Mark, I must have been tired when I posted that. I thought you were posting at GitHub.

Please let me know if you need more help after you try the serial debugging.