Printable LED Matrix 5mm Pitch Grid for IKEA RIBBA

As promised here you can get a pixelgrid for IKEA Ribba 23x23cm picture frame.

This is a printable 32x32 grid for the use with LED Pixel Panel.IFH6-32x32-16S 5mm pitch.

Remove the original Grid and apply the printed grid for a sharper pixelization.:grin:
The poles on the grid frame will held the grid in place.
The inner frame can house a IR-Sensor too.

Have Fun!

Great work, thanks for sharing!

Removing the original grid is a bit of a pain, have you thought about making your 3d printed part mate with the existing grid so it’s easier to add on?

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Yes I thought about it, its a bit boring to get out the +35 tiny screws. :grin:
It’s very complicated to modelling and print the uneven surface of the original grid to fit on.

If someone wants to walk the extra mile I could provide the construction file.

This was on Hackaday yesterday, similar pixelated grid for a multiplexed LED matrix display:

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Maybe a flexible plastic could be printed onto just the final layers of the grid so it can be pressed into the uneven surface of the original grid? e.g. Ninjaflex? (I don’t know enough about 3D printing to know if this is a good or bad idea)

The weather-display looks nice! I did not managed it yet to get a black surface like the weather-display or e.g. LaMetric Time. I am using a white/yellowish diffusor plastic on my white ribba frame. The display will appear “white” when turned off.
(need to take some pictures)

I only have one extruder on my 3D Printer. So there is currently no way to make a multi material grid with ninjaflex or other felxible material. I also guess its not compressable enought to make a good connection.

I did not tested yet if the original grid can stay on the panel. I had some concerns about pixel bleeding on the sides. Maybe this could be another version. This version needs some clamps then to hold the panel. On the current version the pixelpanel will snap on and only needs some tape or glue to stay in place.

Here’s one option for a black surface diffuser:

Note that this only has 25% transmission so it will look much dimmer when lit, but it does have a really nice effect if you’re looking for the display to disappear when not lit.

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I changed to a black frame with a very thin translucent paper for my personal Display and want to show the appearance.
The pixels are very sharp now.

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