[Questions]stop the matrix for a moment?

I run with the IR Remote library, but the IR data that I send is broken.
I want to stop the matrix for a moment, but I have no idea.

Thank you for watching.

It’s not trivial to stop the matrix as it needs constant refresh, more than 100 times per second, which actually is sending PWM signals more than a thousand times per second.
To turn it off, the screen would go dark, and you would have to send the IR code at th exact time.
I have found that IR on ESP32 works well enough (sometimes I get another number for the same button, but it’s always the same).
Or you can also try

it uses RMT instead of interrupts on ESP32

Thank you.
There is an LED panel power switching FET, so it is easy to turn off the screen.

About 20% successful transmission.
I am looking for a timing point to transfer, but it is difficult.

I need to be able to copy and use irregular IR protocols.
(Modified RC5, 12.5Byte Data, etc …)
So IR-related code is not easy to modify.
(IR library in use https://github.com/crankyoldgit/IRremoteESP8266)

  1. use the RMT library I gave you, not the ESP8266 one.
  2. or use the original lib I added ESP32 receive support on, it works well enough for me. https://github.com/z3t0/Arduino-IRremote

Let’s do it
Thank you.