Scrolling layers

I’m confused about exactly how to position the various layers. I haven’t found anything that explains exactly how these work: scrollingLayer3.setOffsetFromTop((kMatrixHeight/2 + kMatrixHeight/4) - 5);

That just doesn’t make sense to me yet, are these option listed anywhere? I also don’t understand that in relation to this -6 (in this example) scrollingLayer1.start(“1 1 1 1”, -6);

I’ve tried counting pixels and nothing makes sense yet.

I’m using 32x32 led with smartmatrix4 shield and arduino the teensy loader.


I use a formula for the examples just so the layers are spread out across the displays. You can just use a number for the offset that works for your particular display. 0 should put the text at the top of the display. 1 should put the text one row down.

I don’t recall what the -6 means. It should be the number of times the text repeats, with -1 repeating infinitely. Maybe any negative number works for infinite scrolling, and I made a typo and used -6 instead of -1