Scrolling Text - different colors per letter


first, my Code:


scrollingLayer.start(“scrolling text…”, 1);
while (scrollingLayer.getStatus());


It works fine, but one problem:
Is it possible to change the font color within the string “scrolling text …”?
For example the first word green, the second red…

I can’t find any examples of this on the internet.
I hope you can help me.

Best regards

No, sorry, this isn’t something I’ve added or plan to add in the future

Thanks for the fast reply.

That’s a shame, then I’ll have to live with it. :blush:

It is supported by LEDText which itself is supported by SmartMatrix::GFX on top of SmartMatrix

run it against

along with

Jinux or OpenGL is another option. Granted this requires a network connection or something. There are decent graphics options in QT, Java, OpenGL, etc. However accessing these without receiver cards is likely impractical.

PWM panels expensive to drive with high FPS with receiver card. Only the Pi in theory could do more than a few reliably in theory for reasonable cost. This may increase stability concerns which would increase the cost if doing something like OpenGL. (I have never tried it out.)

FrameBuffer::GFX only really belongs in certain contexts. It will lose traction in Pi. I also question the amount of overhead. Integration is not something that seems to be a priority. (Why this is on the Teensy if I am not mistaken.)

SmartMatrix and the Pi as they stand are great for many things however they do not scale up to certain things.

David, you are spewing random crap again. You’ve been blocked from rpi-rgb-panel because of it, stop doing it here too. Find something else to do to fill your days, seriously.
To others, don’t pay attention to him, part of what he says is valid and makes sense, but is often a long rambling that’s at times nonsensical, and other times it’s completely wrong like here.

  • only the pi could do it in theory => completely untrue, teensy 4 does it and Mark Estes uses that.
  • Pi does it not in theory of course, I drive 384x256 with a single pi: Marc's Blog: arduino - RGB Panels, from 192x80, to 384x192, to 384x256 and maybe not much beyond
  • “FrameBuffer::GFX only really belongs in certain contexts. It will lose traction in Pi” => not even sure what those words mean, I use it in all my projects and it works great
  • “SmartMatrix and the Pi as they stand are great for many things however they do not scale up to certain things.” => congrats for the useless sentence of the day. You are right, please go find another project to troll, teensy and Pi are really not up to the level you’re expecting.

@toetoe, do yourself a favor and ignore/block him, which is exactly what I’m going to do on his next reply like this.

Marc Merlin, do not ever accuse me of anything falsely again. You do not know what I am talking about. You are off topic and out of line Marc Merlin!

My point is about options. The Cortex-M7 provides options for certain types of projects. OpenGL to USB using SmartMatrix would work just fine!

I have done decent level of testing on Pi. I know why yours works, and I know why it does not matter. I was able to destabilize the Pi with pings… I tried repeatedly to have an adult conversation about this. Perhaps I should have been clearer on this, for that and that alone I apologize.

As to your points:

  1. Pi 4 has 1GB of RAM, Teensy 4 only has 512KB. So yes it is limited. Again PWM panels, where each panel is 8K of pixels (64x128 RGB) using 7-16 bits double buffered. More than likely 3-4 panels depending how you do it. Pi could triple this more than likely. 3 connectors vs 1 connector! (That is a simplification)
  2. This is possible due to BCM and reducing quality significantly. This under the covers changes a lot.
  3. Better options exist. Again your projects, which are very narrow in focus from my understanding.
  4. Again things I know but you do not. This is so tacky, I hate that I read it.

Where you get off saying any of this? This is a SmartMatrix forum not FrameBuffer::GFX forum.

your forever opinions about everything that for the most part do nothing but confuse people while failing to offer an actionable answer (unlike mine which is not only actionable, but is backed up by working code and a video to show the result), are as always not welcome and a waste of time. This topic was about multi colored text, did you offer any workable tested solution with code? As always, no.

You got kicked out of rpi-rgb-panel github, then the forum for the same reason, and my next step after this message it to block you here since I do have better things to do with my time than deal with you and your ability to spew out near randomness on just about any topic without any code to back it up.

@toeoe if you need help implementing multi colored fonts with LEDText, let me know.

You’re right that this is a SmartMatrix forum. I’m sorry to say I don’t think your posts here have been helpful to me or other SmartMatrix users, and I’m now going to block you as I believe your posts are now causing more problems than helping.

Thank you very much. I will try it. :+1::blush:

@toeoe happy to help, but not by private message where no one else benefits from the answers :slight_smile:

LEDMatrix is not supported by SmartMatrix’s USE_ADAFRUIT_GFX_LAYERS
You’ll have to use SmartMatrix::GFX instead.

Here are the steps you want to take

  1. install and get working
  2. once it works, get working or
  3. once that works, you have LEDMatrix working on top of SmartMatrix, and adding LEDText then should be easy ( LEDSprites-Pacman does the same thing with LEDSprites instead of LEDText)
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or for another example that uses LEDText, you can look at

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Sorry, I thought you meant by private message. :wink:

Thanks for the links, this is exactly what I need. I can definitely work with that. :smiley:

I just happened to test this on an LCD (but smartmatrix would be the same), here’s what a quick example looks like