Scrolling text - in the middle


another question about scrolling text.

By default, the text scrolls from one edge of the display to the other.

scrollingLayer.start(“Scrolling text”, 1);
while (scrollingLayer.getStatus());

I’ve tried the various scroll modes and the “setStartOffsetFromLeft”, but I can’t get the text to start, for example, from the left edge with a distance of 20 pixels and stop from the right edge 20 pixels before that.

Is this even possible or does the text always have to scroll across the entire display?

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Sorry, that’s not a mode that’s in SmartMatrix Library. You could custom code it, here’s someone that added their own mode to SmartMatrix Library:

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Thank you very much Louis, that is excellent. :slight_smile:

I just thought of this: you could possibly add spaces to the start and end of your text in combination with one of the existing modes to get close to the effect you want

Unfortunately not, as the text will then only scroll slightly later over the area where it should not scroll.

I will try the “peek”-mode you linked. That sounds good