Serial1 SmartMatrix library conflict

I’ve been trying to add Wifi to my SD smartmatrix shield using an esp-01 module as a modem through serial communication. I’m able to communicate between my teensy 3.2 and the esp module up until I call the matrix.begin(); function.

Looks like someone had this same issue back in 2005;

I’m very much a beginner so I’m assuming this has to do with the way the UART and the library are using interrupts, leading to conflicts.

Is this a known issue or is this something that should be working? It seems like it should work given that Serial1 hardware pins are broken out with the Smartmatrix SD shield. But if this is a known bug it would be nice to know so I don’t drive myself crazy trying to find a fix for something that’s way over my head.

I couldn’t reproduce the issue that Lucas reported. I’m not aware of any conflict. Unfortunately I don’t have a ESP module handy to try to reproduce this myself. Can you post your code?

So while I was paring down my code to post on here I found my own bug. Everything’s working now. Sorry for the false alarm

No problem, that’s a good technique to find bugs, I do it often :slight_smile: